E-only exclusive. Drama, heartbreak, redemption – condensed into an unputdownable novella from the master storyteller.

On the surface, Claire Saunders has it all. She has a rewarding career in fashion and a talented concert pianist daughter. Her loving husband is one of the country’s most trusted diplomats.

But every now and again, she has to plaster her face in heavy make-up and wears sunglasses. She thinks she’s hidden her secret from her best friends, but they know her too well.

Can her friends get her out of harm’s way and protect her from a man who is as ruthless as he is charming and powerful? And along the way, can Claire learn to stop protecting the wrong people?

A gripping read

Drama, heartbreak, redemption - condensed into an unpauseable novella from the master storyteller.

Impossible to put down

I love the writing style used in condensed books, flash fictions and short stories, so Hidden was one of the best books I've read this year. Gripping characters, punchy storyline and not too much "filling in". Fabulous short story. Claire was "believable" as the bullied wife; her husband a typical bully. Barbara Taylor Bradford must have done her research as this depicts how a bullied wife reacts ... blaming her husband's claims that he was provoked.

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