Act of Will

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  • Publisher: HarperCollins
  • Date Published: 1986
  • Publisher: HarperCollins
  • Pages: 528
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As powerful and personal a tale as any Barbara Taylor Bradford has ever written, Act of Will is a wonderfully involving and sweeping novel of three remarkable women, each committing an act of will that will define their lives forever.

Audra Kenton’s story begins in 1926 England. A hospital nurse and later a children¹s nanny, the years hold tormenting poverty and pain. Yet throughout them she will fight relentlessly to fulfill one ambition, to give her child the chance for success she could never have.

Then there is Christina, Audra’s brilliantly gifted daughter, who dreams of becoming an artist. But determined to repay her mother’s sacrifice, she will make a commitment that forever alters her fate, bringing her great fame — and a special kind of heartache.

And there is Kyle, Audra’s granddaughter, a beauty who is blessed with her own artistic talent. Groomed to follow in her mother¹s celebrated footsteps, she will perform a stunning act of rebellion that threatens to betray all that her family has struggled for. But it is an act that, in the end, will bring full circle the duty, devotion, and destiny of all three women.

Here is a novel graced with the marvelous ingredients that have made Barbara Taylor Bradford so enormously popular: finely etched characters; an exquisite understanding of love, power and personal resolve; and a compelling tale about that singular breed of woman who boldly shapes her own world.

Set in the Yorkshire Dales, London, Paris and New York, amid the glittering worlds of art and hate couture, this triumphant and moving story promises to touch the hearts of all who read it, striking chords of recognition in their own lives.

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