Voice of the Heart

The story of two brilliant women and the men to whom they ransomed their hearts.

Katharine Tempest is a world-famous actress and star – a dark-haired beauty with a volcanic temperament. Francesca Cunningham is blonde, cool, distant – the aristocratic writer of bestselling historical romances.

Voice of the Heart is the spellbinding story of two unique and brilliant women – and the charismatic men whom they loved and lost, and to whom they ransomed their hearts.

With her stunning beauty, brilliant talent, and almost magical allure, the irresistible Katherine Tempest has the world at her feet. Her rise from unknown actress to Hollywood legend is one marked by dazzling performances and a carefully concealed, yet undeniably ruthless, determination to succeed. Katherine irrevocably changes the lives of her closest friends: the two men who love her, the woman who trusts her implicitly. She never looks back until she needs the one thing they alone can give her — forgiveness.

As she did so masterfully in her magnificent trilogy of A Woman of SubstanceHold the Dream and To Be the Best, Barbara Taylor Bradford draws us into a world of a strong and powerful woman who made her choices… then was left to live with them. Moving from the stages of London to the bright lights of Hollywood, this is a richly detailed and deeply emotional novel that comes straight from Barbara Taylor Bradford’s heart to yours.

Trailer for the TV Mini-Series Voice of the Heart
Daily Express

It really keeps you turning the pages, wondering just why it is that two beautiful and successful women who were once great friends are now sworn enemies.


A captivating work filled with glamour, intrigue and ironic reversal… Richly textured, highly entertaining.


Meant to be read in a peignoir on a chaise lounge whilst nibbling scented chocolates.

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