A captivating story of family and friends, innocence and corruption.

Four friends swore eternal friendship when all they had was each other. Now their dazzling careers, their seemingly successful lives, are to be disrupted by a devastating singer – and by the shadow of their past.

Rosie Madigan is the angel… an Award-winning costume-designer, she is blessed with worldly goods yet troubled by personal commitments.

Gavin Ambrose is the Hollywood megastar: talented and idolized, true love has eluded him.

Nell Jeffrey is the glamorous head of an international PR company: her secret love for Rosie’s brother Kevin pierces her usual shrewdness.

Kevin Madigan, undercover cop, inhabits a world of danger from which he tries to shelter his friends – but evil has a way of spreading.

Angel is the stunning novel of family and friends, of love and loss, of innocence and corruption: it will captivate you from the first page.

The Sunday Express

Vintage Barbara Taylor Bradford.

Publisher’s Weekly

Those who thrive on fantasies about the rich and famous will lap this up.

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