Worldwide bestselling novelist Barbara Taylor Bradford OBE has joined forces with The Sunday Times and HarperCollins to help discover the next generation of young female writers.

The Write Stuff 2017 is a short story competition aimed at girls aged 11-16 and who live in the UK.
Barbara Taylor Bradford OBE and The Sunday Times Editorial Director Eleanor Mills are asking girls to write a short, fictional story with a central theme of ‘family’. It should run to a maximum of 1,000 words, not including the title.
Barbara Taylor Bradford, international bestselling novelist:
"Families are hugely exciting but also can be complicated, and sometimes difficult. All sorts of things can happen between families - from rivalry, jealousy and competitiveness right through to someone undertaking an amazing act of kindness that helps a family member in a time of need.  Friends can also be as close as family. I know I have some friends who I feel are part of my family so there could be a great story to be told here too. Whatever the scenario, there must always be a resolution to the story to satisfy the reader. If you don't have trouble or a problem, you have no drama and you don't pull in the reader. The theme can be quite dramatic in a personal way. It has to have emotions and real feelings."


We're asking girls to write a short, fictional story with a central theme of 'family'.

Your fictional story could be inspired by your own family - including its past or your extended family - or be about a very different kind to yours. You might consider your friends your family. Families can be the source of great love, loyalty and support but also of secrets, rivalry and betrayal, as literature shows us again and again. Give your imagination free rein: what makes a family - and what will make a great story? Don't forget this must be fiction.





Entrants are invited to submit a fictional story of no more than 1,000 words on the theme of “family” to, with “WRITE STUFF” in the subject line. Girls: please ensure you get your parent or guardian to enter the competition for you, making sure to include your name, age, contact details and the name of your school. 

The best short stories will be made into an ebook by HarperCollins.
Deadline for submissions:
Friday 21 July 2017 at noon.